At Antonio Tammaro Photography, It doesn't matter if I am working on fashion projects, capturing live music or documenting that fairy tale wedding, for me the important factor is recording the moment. 

During my time at the Glasgow School of Art, I learned the importance of 'seeing'. It is with this fundamental skill that I approach photography. For me it's about seeing things in a different light, recording them and exhibiting the little intricacies that make up the big picture. It doesn't matter if it is as honest as a look in a models eyes, the rippling pain pulsing through a boxers arm, or a vendor tending to his wares. Each little moment, each little detail tells a story. It's these instances of life that give a narration to a still photograph.

Outside of conceptual fashion photography, my work is an honest display and representation of life and its instances. The photographs are not unique, each moment is.