Wedding Photobooks - Telling a Story by Antonio Tammaro

Its challenging to select the key images that best describe someones wedding. My philosophy when it comes to weddings is that every image forms a body of work, a collection if you will. That collection is the very thing that expresses the personality and ambiance of a wedding day. No image should have any more importance than any other - every image tells a key part of the story.

I have been developing bespoke wedding photobooks for a couple of years, these exist at the center of my wedding packages. My approach to photographing a whole wedding is always considering the end result - the body of work. What are the key details that tell the story? What are the most exciting moments? Who are the most interesting personalities? These are the questions that I continually ask myself when photographing a wedding. When these questions are recorded as naturally as possible, the end result is always the right one. It becomes a piece of photojournalism. It becomes a true representation of your wedding day.

Stellar.... by Antonio Tammaro

I was recently on a shoot in Glen Clova taking in some of the beautiful landscapes for a client. I was absolutely blown away with the night sky and the clarity of the stars at night. Something that gets lost in suburban Glasgow.

I am by no means an astral photographer, but I was blown away with what could be seen with my trusty camera.

For those interested it was a 30 second exposure at F12 at ISO 25600


One Year On... by Antonio Tammaro

It's now been a year since I began the journey into a photographic business, although things haven't been up and running for long. It was the end of January 2013 when I began researching and developing a business plan to take to the Princess Trust Youth Business Scotland. 

It's been a remarkable journey for me, understanding and learning the ins and outs of conceiving a business and nursing it into something tangible and sustainable. Photographic skills and abilities were never the problem given the decade of experience and continuous development - learning how to splice it with a bit of business acumen was the real challenge. Its a steep learning curve, hopefully it's an exponential one. 

The last 12months have been hugely difficult at times but I am so proud to say that I have enjoyed every moment. Its absolutely amazing to wake up everyday to do something that you love, and to nurture it into pastures new in doing things that you would never have considered is just outstanding.

I would like to thank my friends, family and girlfriend for there incredible support, without whom everything would be near to impossible.