Happy New Year.... / by Antonio Tammaro

Hello and happy 2014 to you all!

Its been an incredible year of milestones and one Antonio Tammaro Photography will always remember - it was the year ATP founded!

One of my favourite things at this time of year is the many year in review features you all see in magazines, websites and other media. One that I particularly enjoy is the Travel Photographer of the Year awards. I have never been one for accolades or awards, I'd be hugely grateful for them, but they are far from my driving force. The thing I love about the TPOTYs is that it is a reminder of how incredible our Earth is, it's a truly remarkable and (as far as we know) unique place. For me these photographic awards are not about the technical ability or the perseverance involved, but more about a showcase of the unprecedented beauty on this planet.

The photographers shortlisted have done a fantastic job in humbling the viewer with what they have managed to capture. Every year I see the selected photographs and feel guilty. Not because I haven't yet been able to produce a photograph that successfully promotes the allurement of this Earth, but simple because it reminds me that I have still seen very little of this world. With any luck 2014 will provide opportunities. This time next year....