Wedding Photobooks - Telling a Story

Its challenging to select the key images that best describe someones wedding. My philosophy when it comes to weddings is that every image forms a body of work, a collection if you will. That collection is the very thing that expresses the personality and ambiance of a wedding day. No image should have any more importance than any other - every image tells a key part of the story.

I have been developing bespoke wedding photobooks for a couple of years, these exist at the center of my wedding packages. My approach to photographing a whole wedding is always considering the end result - the body of work. What are the key details that tell the story? What are the most exciting moments? Who are the most interesting personalities? These are the questions that I continually ask myself when photographing a wedding. When these questions are recorded as naturally as possible, the end result is always the right one. It becomes a piece of photojournalism. It becomes a true representation of your wedding day.